1. Siirrä haluamasi konsertti ostoskoriin
  2. From the Shopping Cart bar that opens, you can view the contents of your Shopping Cart, make changes to it, and go directly to the checkout to pay for your purchases.
  3. Fill in your information on the order form and pay for the tickets

After making the payment, in a few minutes you will receive an email with login information that will allow you to start playing the concert when it is available to watch..

You can currently only buy one ticket at a time per concert. So you can watch the concert on one device at a time.

We do not collect anything from buyers other than the email information to which proof of payment and login information is sent.

If you have any problems ordering a ticket or starting viewing, please contact contact@konserttikotiin.fi or via chat

NOTE! If the payment has been successful in Bambora, you will receive a payment confirmation in your e-mail and an order confirmation from the Concert Home service. If you do not receive an order confirmation, first check your spam folder. You may not need an order confirmation as your login will be at your email address